Contractor Expenses

It is impossible to assess enough people with the contractor to perform work in the above stated period. And if properly declared deadline work with so many people. The only way a customer can check the figures claimed by the contractor (If they counted without reference to rules RESN), it is asking prices for similar work in the market, and sravnivat.Chem still dangerous so that is not bound by rules, estimated calculation: The resulting number is uniformly contractor costs distributes at the time of construction. In fact, at various stages of construction, need different amounts of costs (and estimated, counted with reference to norms RESN can be seen on the stage what the cost). It turns out that by spreading the costs evenly, the contractor at various stages of "touches" and "nedobiraet" money. And this is dangerous because to do work on the final stage of the contractor will not have enough money. A customer will have nowhere to go, and have add.

The estimate calculation (without reference to rules RESN), it is impossible to see (and, hence, monitor) the exact cost of materials. What does it lead: the contractor (usually), provides a cost estimate and purchase the materials "with margin "of at least 10%. Wages contractor about related (equal) to the cost of the material. Hence, wages are also incorporated with a margin of 10%. A check on this in the budget without reference to rules RESN – nevozmozhno.Smetny calculated without reference to rules RESN performed, usually in the program Eksel.Smetny calculated with reference to the norms of RESN can be performed in various estimates program, for example AVK.Itak, briefly summarize Factors which may affect the customer and which can monitor, in the presence of his estimates with reference to the norms of RESN: You understand that all necessary work and materials included in the estimates presented Are the contractor's use of materials is planned for each etapeAdekvatnye the prices laid down for the purchase of materialovRealny whether the alleged terms of performance is scheduled rabotPravilno number rabochihPonimat, what about the workers must perform daily, weekly, etc. (the amount of work) can clearly be necessary to plan the amount of costs (at any given time). Let's look at what it looks like a standard investor estimates of what sections it is, and what data soderzhit.Pervaya part, the cost of construction and installation work consists of: the cost of labor to the relevant standards, the costs of materials and structures, the costs of construction machines, at an estimated cost machine-shifts, the costs of equipment requiring installation, harvesting and storage of rashodov.Vtoraya includes costs for the purchase of equipment in the acquisition tool to acquire inventaryana preparation of construction ploschadkina conducting surveying for design unit employees of temporary buildings (cabins, toilet)

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