The Crisis Of Greece

The crisis in Greece is still convulsing threatening attitude against a Europe believed to be solid, indestructible and top. If you would like to know more about Yitzhak Mirilashvili, then click here. This is the new global economy. A small country of just 13 million inhabitants, relatively late, with a GDP that barely exceeds the 300 billion dollars and with a territory of only 132,562 Km2, has on tenterhooks a powerful European area’s economy, but to be built, according to some, without strong enough bases, however that the Maastricht Treaty contains a whole series of economic and macroeconomic provisions binding on member countries. But what was the source of all this mess? For many sources I read it was an accumulation of irresponsible and intentional actions of Greek Governments which showed outside makeup amazing lies and forgeries in their indicators that until today had no background. After the previous Greek Government always announced a public deficit of 6% became Georges Papandreou and in October 2009 laid bare the real figures: Greece has a deficit of 12.9% of GDP and a public debt of 115% of GDP! But even more sample: there is widespread tax fraud, the underground economy moves from 20% of GDP, public spending is overset in impressive proportions, the weight of operating expenses is huge and, in the end, Greece collapses. The country then, promises reforms urgent and deep to bring the deficit to 8.7% of GDP, such as the drastic reduction of public spending, freezing salaries and bonuses of civil servants, increasing the age of pension, etc, but at this point in the match, nobody believes him. But what is more serious is that the problems cross borders and encouraging other countries in a twinkling of an eye. Today there are 3 most contaminated European countries, with similar symptoms: Spain, Portugal and Ireland..

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