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And then most reasonable question arose – who cut of deputies? In the cabinet has not yet commented on the reasons for the personnel reform in the environmental department. It is not excluded that the root of the issue is already long overdue conflict between the head of Rosprirodnadzor Vladimir Kirillov, and one of his deputies – Mitvol. Oleg L. himself suspects that the reduction Russian government of one of the four posts of Deputy Head of Service will lose by him. Differences in Rosprirodnadzor between all departments and managers Mitvol last several years. Mitvol, working with the Office since its inception in April 2004, one of the most prominent environmental agency officials.

He is best known loud actions against large companies and public threats of demolition private houses, almost all leaders criticized Rosprirodnadzor. Now Mr. Mitvol is on leave, and possibly the name of the deputy, who will be cut, we learn only at the beginning of September. In the Seine caught trout, and in the Neva River – piranhas in the Seine in Paris suburbs for the first time in many years, managed to catch sea trout. Such an unusual catch of fishermen so surprised that they decided to turn to professionals for an explanation. It was found that considerable size, by local standards, big fish over 60 cm long and weighing 2.5 kg truly belongs to the family Salmonidae, and fell into the Seine basin from the ocean. No less surprised and representatives of local environmental services, because the sea trout, known for its sensitivity to the environment, has chosen as the location of the dwelling Seine.

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