He cultivates the capacity to serve customers, suppliers, communities, partners. This leader educates for the example. He speaks to the eyes, not only to the ears. Pablo detaches that beyond these & ldquo; segredos& rdquo; she is necessary two other attitudes that distinguish these still more & ldquo; leaders cinco-estrelas& rdquo;. The first one of them is that these leaders had learned to be leader 24 hours per day, that is, in all the dimensions of the life. They exert the leadership of coherent form in the office, house, the school, the community. They understand that the leadership does not only occur when we are in the work. The second attitude is that these leaders, before intending to lead the others, had learned to lead itself same.

This is one of the abilities most basic of the leader calls five-stars. They know that, when leading, the people defy to change its daily habits, positions, attitudes, behaviors, ways to think & ndash; at last, to modify the form to face its lives. These true leaders understand that the change starts inside of each one of us. But these know that the leader, when she desires to change something, must start the change in itself. This implies in leading its emotions, its impetuses, its deficiencies and knowing suplemental them with people of its team or partners in its personal life. This demands high dose of self-knowledge. The best TECHNIQUE to exactly conquer the leadership of itself and of the DCD. To doubt that it does not make in them well, to criticize each negative thought and finally to determine to be the protagonist of our history.

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