Rich Building Facades

Rich facades and polished floors is not expensive, but nice, not expensive, but reliable – it seems that it is not compatible requirements. Can there be a facade of inexpensive material, can be polished floor of the inexpensive material, and at the same time, all this was a luxury, representative species – answer, YES! The solution – it's granite. Polished floors of this material is reminiscent of Versailles, and ventilated facades amaze solidity and luxury. To date, ventilated facades of granite have been recognized and tested on hundreds of sites across the country. The polished granite exterior is almost perfect repeats its Noble brothers (granite and marble). Moreover, its physical characteristics in many ways superior to them, and the price per square meter is much lower than that of natural stones. For the production of porcelain use only minerals better quality with a large addition of feldspar, which in turn provides a high melting temperature during firing.

The high melting point and is stronger than usual in the manufacture of ceramic tiles, compression gives the material high strength, low water absorption and excellent resistance to frost. Homogeneity throughout the thickness of the tiles provides a long life, because deletion of the surface layer only opens the following identical layers. The most acceptable from the aesthetic and economic point of view, granite slabs of large dimensions – 600h600mm. Its convenience and attractiveness of the obvious, and therefore very beneficial to the customer. Strength and durability of granite, not only admire designers who are quickly appreciated this beauty, but also the owners of prestigious buildings and structures, where, once settled, he will serve for many decades. How to choose granite? There are several series from different manufacturers, naturally, they are different. For example, ceramic AIJIA: Series granulyary, Monocolor, travertine, marble, rustic – it is one of best Chinese factories. There is a feature in the production of this material – produced by each party to a greater or lesser extent different shade from the others.

Party matte tiles are usually distributed over two or three basic tones. The darker the color of the tile, the smaller the difference in tone, and vice versa – light colors can have more color shades. But when polishing porcelain tiles, cut the top layer of tiles, and on the surface shows the original unique pattern, color is impossible to predict. Therefore, when the initial batch of material in two opaque colors, the result may turn out polished tiles of four tones. However, it is due to appear on the polishing pattern, simulating the heterogeneity of natural stone, different colors are not so critical in terms of design. Can be placed on granite of various colors, but always distribute the different tones on a finished surface, then it will be less noticeable. Ie when laying ceramic to evenly take from all parties, but in any case not first lay a single party, then another, because clear separation between the tones will be evident. Our company offers a wide range of Chinese porcelain and wholesale. The entire product meets the requirements of the granite GOST, also in the range of natural marble, natural granite, clinker bricks from Germany.

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