Beauty Tips

Make sure your nails are well shaped and all a similar length. Nothing says you do not care as much as irregular spikes or nails that are different lengths! (Ladies, I know you worked hard to grow nails, but only because only one broke, you should not think that anyone noticed!) If you polish your nails, hold their color all days a shade brighter than your skin tone. This clean, professional look and makes your hands look elegant, especially if you wear rings. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dara Khosrowshahi has to say. If you like brighter colors make sure you repair chipped polish right away! Chips in Polish are very noticeable bright and make you look sloppy. 3) Make sure your clothes and accessories are of a similar color family? Do not wear beige or brown shoes with black or a white belt. As a rule, make sure your belt, shoes and belt are the family of the same color. Sometimes a bag or shoes markedly different can make a statement, but must be well planned.

The article in question must be of good quality and in good condition, and we want to be noticed. 4) socks or hose must match either your shoes or pants. No NEVER wear socks with blue brown shoes or black socks with sneakers! If you are using sling-back or open back shoes, make sure the socks are the color of shoes or nude-colored. If you are wearing sandals, do not wear hose unless it follows the model (think fishnets) and “deliberately taken to make a fashion statement.” 5) Use the highest average length that can (at least mid-calf very long). Nobody wants to see shiny shins appears when you feel! 6) shine your shoes and clean your shoes! The thing people forget to do when going out is to check their shoes for scuffs or dirt. Shined shoes to show that they care about their appearance. The world’s most expensive shoes will be horrible if they are dirty or worn! 7) Keep your wallet or purse organized all the time.

Nothing makes you look disorganized more than an overstuffed wallet holds on life in your pocket or bag to explode! Make yourself a system to keep business cards, credit cards or receipts you do not need all the time, in your briefcase or in the home. And a bonus: a discreet use scent (aftershave, cologne or perfume) shows that extra step with your grooming and can have a positive effect not only in his own state of mind but of those around you. According to the Research Center of Social Affairs in Oxford, United Kingdom, subtle fragrances can have dramatic effects on improving mood and sense of well being. Furthermore, in experiments, subjects exposed to pleasant fragrances tend to give higher ratings to people in the photographs. The regular use of pleasant fragrances helps to reduce mood disturbances in men and women.

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