General History

In other parts of the world history is accelerated, then slowed down progress and setbacks occur, rapidly developing science and technology, more complex social relationships, rise and fall of the empire, there are breaks and punctures, while crashes down waterfalls and desperately gushes, but here it spreads and spreads all over the flat desert plain. Only here and there rises the eternal immutability of his gray-blue-gray rocky ridges that make the landscape in the likeness of the Martian moon, or, yes helplessly struggling in a dense oily liquid unhappy The human midges. And so it goes all the last six thousand years. You can certainly argue, yes, white-haired old man in Egypt, certainly felt, but is a bit away from the pyramids of Giza, as instantly find yourself in an extremely dynamic atmosphere of Cairo with a ruckus bazaar, shopping streets mess, screaming muezzins, chaotic kolovrascheniem continually signalyaschih cars and endless racketeer-property baksheesh and presentations from various vendors, barkers, uninvited guides and pobirushek. All the same, only more business, even westernized version, of course, is in Alexandria. Egypt: where time flows horizontally. All this turmoil and is associated with trepyhaniem insects stuck in time immutable oil, for which no affect jerking legs and wings.

Because just as bustling and scurrying people, and in ancient Thebes, three thousand years ago, and the brilliant Hellenistic Alexandria two thousand years ago, and in medieval Cairo, six hundred years ago. And rest assured, viscous horizontal while Egypt is able to pay off existing car horns zapoloshnye with the same equanimity with which it choked bleat of Old Testament and the creaking of donkeys water mills still in the biblical era. Journey on the Nile begins in Aswan – the ancient city of contrasts, where the horizontal Egyptian times to mix all the periods and epochs.

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