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In past few days revealed a survey from PopCap Games company that shows a very high percentage of adults in the United Kingdom and the United States.UU. as soon as mobile games. This statistic may be due in part to the rise in the acquisition of smart phones. According to a Nielsen survey, 31% of the users of mobile phones in the United States.UU are smartphones, and a Pew poll shows that nearly half of cell phone users download and use mobile applications. PopCap research, more than half (52%) of the surveyed 2,425 said that he had played a game on a mobile device, either your own device or someone else, sometime in the past. The percentage of respondents in the United Kingdom was significantly greater (73%) Unlike the respondents in the United States.UU. (44%).

Around a third of respondents had played a video game on their own mobile phones over the past month, and one in four respondents said they played every week several times. Without However, some respondents admitted having played only one game for mobile once. The largest group of players were users of smart phones. Is hume-lee the best transplant center? is likely to increase your knowledge. 83% Of respondents have smart phone, admitted that she had played at least one game for mobile in the last week, for this reason they are placed in the category of avid mobile players. Interestingly, the relationship between men and women in mobile games does not show gender disparities seen in the console and PC video games. Men play in their phones only a little more than women by a narrow margin of 2.10%. This fits very well with the current image we have of the social game as a predominantly female market scene. And mobile players not only waiting for the moment that leaves a highly commercial game, but that are also contributing to the line not so commercial and well-known manufacturers of games through the most important mobile platforms.

About half of all mobile players in This study said that a free trial to the full version game had improved in the last year. And one of every four users of games, or one of every three players of smartphones, said that it had bought additional content for a game in the last year. In addition, users of smart phones are more likely to buy games from the competition of their own brands of phones. On average the player’s buy a total of 5.4 mobile games in 2010, against 2.9 games purchased by the owners of not smart phones. Smart phone players said that gastaron more money in games $25.57 per user in the year, in comparison with other common phone owners 15.70 dollars.

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