Integrated Systems

Decurrent organizacionais changes of the implantation of a system ERP the organizations of today come appealing, to each day, the Integrated Systems of Management called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). These systems have the objective to join and to disponibilizar information for all the organization. For the constant profit of importance, happened of the great interaction that the system acquires, permeando all the informacional base of the company, becomes interesting, to investigate, technological, structural and mannering, decurrent the changes of the implantation of the system, a time that, this needs a bigger interaction between the diverse sectors that compose the organization. Dimensions as Technology, Structure and Behavior do not run away to this rule, modifications in one of these dimensions finish for affecting excessively. The proper implantation of a system ERP represents a technological change.

Of the point of view of the technological platform, significant modifications are necessary, as update of the hardware, acquisition of new computers, and software, represented for the change of the data base. This technological update causes a reduction of the dependence of reports printed matters and an increase of the interaction of the people with computer science. Computers are seen with more frequency in the organizations, arriving until the o plant soil, allowing bigger speed in the access the information and greater trustworthiness of these. The transformations most significant, in what cerne the technological changes, are in the techniques of management and processes of work. How much to the management techniques, it is observed incorporation of techniques used for the proper system (Best practices). How much to the work processes it is verified I redesign of processes and its rationalization, that is, unification of fragmented processes and elimination of redundancies. The integration of processes before broken up allows a greater rastreabilidade of possible errors and a joint participation in the resolution. Changes in the organizacional effectiveness and the qualification technique of the people also elapse of the technological transformations.

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