The way as these decisions are taken determine, in part, the practical quality of the pedagogical one in the daily pertaining to school. In its hypothesis, it calls attention for the necessity and the attempt if conferring conscience and practical rationality to the pedagogical one (more even of what really it possesss, according to author). Without these last ones, the teaching work would lose its legitimacy, next to the parents and the public opinion, unchaining a series of problemas71 that they could make impracticable the proper existence of the school. Perrenoud (1993, P. 21) standes out that: ' ' A good part of the education acts is not, they had left to be or they had never been under the control of the reason and the choice deliberada' ' … e, standes out that what would act in the place of the rationality would be habitus: ' ' system of projects of perception and action that is not total and constantly under the control of conscincia' '. Thus, during the routine of work of the professor, a repetition of situations is observed that tend to generate an automatism in the answers.

Already in the situations that escape to the routine, the improvisation becomes necessary, and to guide it habitus enters in action. It is who also guides the designed action, the creation of strategies and until the decisions. After that, it designated that to occur the didactic transposition – joint of transformations that they make possible to know that them they are you taught, is essential the management of the classroom. Into it to know, them problems, interrogations, projects, etc. are transformed into activities, involving and, most of the time, artificialidade in this transposition is observed the interrogations, problems and projects considered for the professors are not come back toward the reality of the pupil. It will be that one of the factors that the artificialidade in the didactic transposition would take (also observed for the author) it would not be the disrespect of the group as primordial condition of experience human being? It is from the group that the individuals they learn the languages and the behaviors, and incorporate the values that determine its attitudes.

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