How To Refill Ink Cartridges Can Help Your Business? Contract

The use of refilled cartridges for printing technology makes it possible to reduce the price of print in over three-fold. Written about this a lot, but in most cases, as a consumer, is considered a private person, for which the savings of the money will be tangible aspect. For the organization of such savings are not always looks tempting. Continuity and reliability of office equipment, more important argument for the modern office. The policy of using genuine consumables is to ensure the reliability of computer equipment and provides a warranty on computer equipment – it is the opinion of many businessmen. Try to understand how much we have such claims? To understand the issue, you need to understand what is the difference between a refilled cartridge and original? If the dressing taken by professionals, exclusively in the chemical composition of the toner. And how does chemical composition of the toner powder? If the print is on plain paper, the composition of the toner is not important.

Chemical and physical characteristics of the powder becomes important when printing on a variety of films, which are very hard requirements to the melting temperature of toner powder, so do not recommend using refilled cartridges when printing on film. Printing on film is used very infrequently, but on paper the differences of different composition of toners can not understand the armed look is not possible. But, as already stated, must comply with the professional approach to filling and use of quality materials. Printer manufacturers equipment may refuse warranty repair, if the office equipment operated with refilled cartridges. Could this fact complicate the life of a legal entity? Hardware Warranty allows you to troubleshoot for free, but absolutely can not guarantee a high recovery rate. Because the duration of rehabilitation will depend on many conditions, including the availability of spare parts. Only diagnosis can take up to a week, and the repair, it happens, it takes up to a couple of months. In addition, equipment must be delivered to the service center, which is also hassle-free.

If we are talking about an individual, then such rules are acceptable, but to leave the organization without a printer for a while quite possible. Numerous heads of legal entities, having no skills in working with service centers on remanufactured toner cartridges elementary afraid to communicate with untested performers, there are always the probability of selection is not a professional and competent performer. There is a solution to this problem? The answer is simple – should be enclosed contract for refueling cartridges. The presence of the counterparty of its option agreement on refilling ink cartridges is indicative of a responsible attitude. The contract must be long term and to describe Executive responsibility for any fault of his damages. No manufacturer's warranty is not able to provide high reliability than these contractual relationships. In addition, many of the "tanker" and are service center for repair of office equipment, and when you make a contract for refueling cartridges offer a range of services to maintain the health of the park office equipment, often for free. As Executive responsible for the operation of equipment, where they are refilled cartridges, then it is much cheaper to implement a set of actions aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of this equipment than prove to the customer that another failure printer is not connected with the work of refilled cartridges. For this reason, the vast majority of contracts for refilling ink cartridges include an item on the regular free diagnosis of office equipment and staff training.

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