State Farmer

The task of enterprise development in agriculture, to ensure that Russia’s own food was sufficient, was implemented long before the current crisis. All legislative attempts to develop the Russian farming were untenable. A crisis erupted in huge loans previously allocated to agricultural development, return will be almost impossible! Moreover, if the State tries to recover loans, sued for property of entrepreneurs, in this case, you can destroy the remnants of Russian farming in general. But the holy place is never empty, and, naturally, it will be occupied as soon as possible foreign entrepreneurs (eg Chinese comrades with their own, the Chinese the same interests). In our opinion, our homeland – “Holy Russia” – is our earth-mother. And no matter how professors cited economists in the world of globalization with its rotten world economy on their land should fermerstvovat those who live on it for ages, those whose roots are forever associated with his native land and its spirituality.

System senp best solves the problem exactly National farming and its competitiveness. Programme senp farmer can receive delivery at your warehouse any necessary equipment, fertilizers, packaging material etc. In this case, all you need to be delivered at the lowest possible prices and with guaranteed quality from any vendor (including foreign), which are chosen by the farmer. The choice of goods, his order, taking into account the monitoring of all possible proposals farmer will carry through the portal of information technology, ie using a computer. But the main thing is not the point. Every farmer knows that the produce (grow) the product is only part of the case – the main thing to sell at fair price (with efficiency). That is what provides the system SENP: farmers’ output, bypassing the middlemen, delivered directly to retailers in markets and shopping complexes. Delivery (from your warehouse) has been system itself senp under contracts with retailers in various cities and regions of Russia.

Through information and technology portal you (the farmer) will receive information in real, ongoing time (online) on all sales of your product from all retailers, and on orders for the coming period. This also applies to products grown, and products processed into finished products. And now the fun part – the whole Your products are shipped by signed contracts paid, even if it is not for sale. This is ensured by automatic bank guarantee for all of your supplies, which nobody has the right to withdraw. In other words: You (the farmer) will always receive 100% payment for their goods. (See “Scheme of suppliers, producers in the system SENP). Now we hope that you (farmers) it becomes apparent that the system senp virtually eliminates all the risks that you are not able to control themselves. Those risks that can only control you, of course, is yours. This is, first of all, product quality, conditions for its storage, and well as work towards reducing the cost of the process of growing production and its further processing into a final food product with high added value.

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