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The company, originally from the province of Brianza, chose the Sales Master One suite to optimize contracts, promotions, and the management of the point of sale Bologna, December 2010 Fratelli Beretta, from six generations ago, is committed to the production of traditional Italian cold cuts, constantly innovating to meet the different needs of a market and consumers in constant evolution. Founded in 1812, he has managed to transform from a local company to be an industrial entity, and to take new paths that led in the 1970s, along with the growth of large-scale distribution, to sell sausages, for the first time in Italy, in portions; during the 1990s to implant in foreign markets and in the beginning of the 2000s to diversify its production in a different sector, founding the Piatti Freschi Italia company along with the French giant Fleury Michon. Today the company, with 1047 direct employees, 78.350 tons of production and 16 establishments, is a true giant, renowned in more than 10 million households (source: GFK Panel Service) who buy the famous brands Beretta, Zero24, Wuber and Viva Mamma Beretta. The company has warned the need to improve their own solutions for automating sales processes, and has decided to focus on XTEL, enterprise software and specialized services for European companies in the FMCG industry. Therefore, Beretta has been equipped with solutions Sales Execution, for the management of the point of sale; Sales Promo, for the management of promotional activities towards the distribution and Sales Agreement, for the follow-up to the negotiation of agreements with customers of the modern channel. The adoption of Sales Execution is part of a strategic plan designed to control, in the best way, the canal GDO, of vital importance for the company. 25 Enablers, a new figure that has been recently added to the commercial organization, will be equipped with PDA devices on which is installed the solution of XTEL, and thus may organise efficiently in customer visits. .

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