Atlantic Ocean

However, as the proposal is to argue the Mediterranean from its side north, it is clearly the great paper of prominence for the Europe. Perhaps now what it is a problem if to elucidate is the imaginary construction of Africa as not a place or a series of independent spaces. Of partially innovative form, Braudel constructs arcabouo that it allows to defend the long duration it, the geographic time. In this part of the workmanship, it describes the action of the relief and the climate as influenciadores of the antrpica action. The Atlantic Ocean and the desert of the Saara emerge as determinative citizens of the mediterrnico climate, this reigning in dries and that one commanding the periods rainy. For this and other reasons that do not fit here, expand the borders of the Mediterranean, making of it the measure of the man and the world, creating a zone of mutual influence of this with the places most remote.

A effect cascade of climatic and economic disturbances, this last o foments capital of its pretense total history. The expansion of the mediterrnicas borders in the direction north the south finds the continents here and geographically juxtaposed, if communicating for this band of sea, old and still alive crossroads of cultural and commercial exchanges. It is in this operation that appears not the place of Africa as civilization, therefore the history of the Mediterranean is oriented according to a European polar region and a desert-like polar region. It fulfills to its function with efficiency the Saara: it isolates the Mediterranean of the Country of the Blacks and surpasses its influence until the north of the Europe. The desert would be as the face of the Mediterranean, the antithesis of the privileged continent, empty, vast, poor and needy the place. The African place would not be a physical, geographic and biological emptiness where paradoxicalally the suitable man makes great effort to survive there.

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