Syria Question

The Syria Question in the context of the Arab World In the mosaic of the international system of the States, a narrow correlation of events exists, that in determined moment serve to satisfy the necessities and desires of the great international powers, being requisite basic for this brief analysis, much attention and caution. We attend a world of much geopolitical agitation and geoeconmica in 2011 and with much suffering I had that to attend without being able to analyze. However, valley to stand out that the events that had swept the Arab World, had been significant, therefore it is about one of the regions most complex of the globe, not to say more. The Arab, composed World for Islamic native countries, was one of the main palcos of the period of the Cold War in century XX and with the ample one process of globalization and diffusion of the capitalism, was changedded into a species of redoubt of resistance to the capitalist system, as form to keep its culture and religion, indissociveis to the politics concept. To obtain automatic alignments with the two great powers of the Cold War, incentives for the implantation had appeared of dictatorships, being that these if adaptaram well to these just independent countries and others of little or no democratic tradition, very different of Latin America, Norte and Europe. The authoritarian governments of the Arab World had always been violent.

In this context, these dictatorships had lasted up to 2011 being that the planet had perceived the fury of the radical groups in its maximum event, that had been the attacks to the United States in 2001. Terrorists for the occidental people and heroes for the Arab World. Terrorist for the fact of to attack the civilization; heroes for defending its people of ' ' civilizao' '.

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