Athens – city, oddly combining history and modernity, European appearance, and antique overtones, a city where history is not just standing in museums, while lying under your feet as roadside stones, the city, combining space and time in a certain category of intrinsic life. Everyone spends time in Athens, according to your taste, and for each guest in Athens there is a special, unique face of the city: for the layman in the culture – and for a refined aesthetic, a businessman – and leisure for lounging idlers – and came from professional interests, for couples in love – and convinced bachelor, – for every person in Athens, there are some special, unique perspective, known and accessible to him alone. Here you can see the sights of a couple of days, and can devote this week, you can explore historic sites and museum exhibitions, but you can just wander through the town, or sit in any tavern – in any case, you will win. At this point in history and everyday life are so closely intertwined that it creates a unique flavor that is felt always and everywhere: from the museum's halls – until the ordinary alley, from the marble colonnades of ancient temples – to shabby tables usual Greek coffee. Athens has a long history, dating back even to the Neolithic, when on the same hill, which was subsequently built the Acropolis, the first settlement. Over time, the settlement became a city, and to the xiv century. bc – One of the major economic and political centers of Attica.

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