Banco Gallego

Gallego bank is one of the leading banks in Spain dedicated to international banking. which has been the result of a great career that has allowed position in the market for banking and finance, giving way to the great mind that lives now the bank Gallego, aspects that suggest a future with better conditions through the creation of different development plans with ambition. Gallego within the bank’s history played a big role, so it is good to do a short play with it. So the bank Gallego has been developed over more than 10 years of history, time in which one of the most important events was the union between the bank and the bank 21 Gallego. The creation of the bank Gallego, occurred in 1847, under the bank name Olimpio Perez, so applying a regional bank dedicated to the region of Galicia, keeping it in the bank merado, but in the year 1987 presented a major change, which was preceded by several mergers, giving way to the bench mark Gallego, a point which had already achieved a great extnsion, for he had a network of 150 offices located throughout Galicia. While the bank gave Gallego growth for the year 1991 the bank generated 21, which was located in Madrid and is dedicated to middle-income customers and high-high and equally to the banking business, so for the year 1998 produced a merger between two banks, which are the Caixanova added that it was a significant savings by extending the bank’s stock, which ultimately would be called Banco Gallego. With the bank’s total configuration Gallego, in the year 2003, the bank Gallego started his career in the development of specialized units for both personal banking to the private sector, which is accompanied by different processes to move beyond the regional coverage and move to provide services nationwide. With the great progress that the bank had so quickly Gallego accelerated market processes, all accompanied by four general activities within the banking business, including: Banking retail; form of care Gallego bank in which it responds to the needs that arise in the day to day, suggesting very high amounts of money and therefore are easily accessible, plus a wide range, for the best way to solve any differences through new products and services with specialized care. premier banking, is a type of bank that manages the Galician bank to serve customers who need specialist advice because of high net worth. The banking company, the point at which the bank seeks to collaborate Gallego to SMEs. Participated; this business unit Gallego applied by the bank is focused on the bank’s investment in the company Gallego, who has a great diversity, as it is in real estate, energy, and other geriatric services.

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