Buying in auction rates (the cost rate is not constant, but the average is 7, with online payments, and 15, via SMS, RUB), you start to fight for the item is. The cost of each lot with the made-rate increases by an average of 25 cents. Trades coming to an end, participants are fewer – many funds are limited, the value of goods coming to 1000 rubles in its market price is 10,000 rubles – of course it is profitable. And how much was Administration of auction: (1000-1) / 0.25 = 3996 average rate of 10 rubles, plus cost of goods paid by the winner of 1000 rubles, a total of more than 40,000 rubles. Subtracting the value of the goods collected funds to 10,000 rubles, we obtain 30,000 rubles of net profit. Of You can make one big conclusion: the Scandinavian auction – a profitable business if the people on it much.

If the players a little – the administration at a loss. In a society as it is believed that the administration often Scandinavian auction is unfair to the rules, uses software tools simulate the bidders (in our opinion – "bots"). This fact is rather difficult to verify in practice, however, undoubted integrity guarantee auction will be: an indication of the contact page for full legal address of the entity providing the service auction, open auction for the administration of contact with their users (the presence of online auction – Forum, chat, feedback forms). Geek goods at a discount of 80-90% in Scandinavian auctions of Russia! PS Links posted in this article are the new, recently opened penny auction, administration proved to be as honest people with good reputation, personally I have been there and won well received monitor Samsung, I won it for 14.05 rubles.

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