The life of all people is conditioned by a factor of great importance, which greatly limits the actions of persons and their effects cannot be control or diminish in any way, and this as much influence factor is time, which is so obvious its effects in people who said in colloquial way, that enslaves man at his mercy, in such a way before such a factor so important in people, there was no possibility to control it, it is best know it and use it in the best way and before this the best tool that is the clock, which allows people to be able to measure the time and thus maintain a notion of time that allows you to take advantage of the maximum every moment in your life. In accordance with the foregoing, watch as the instrument used to measure the time, is one of the tools that the most important in his life man, created because the representation that makes the time clock makes it possible that the man can take control, in temporary terms of your life allowing to develop his life. It is true that currently the clock not does receive so important and to some extent it has lost its value, and in most cases is used more as a decorative element of the image from somewhere or persons as a gauge of the time, but before, long ago in history were not with the clock and the only time measurement could be observing the position of the Sun and the Moon, which greatly hampered activities because there was not an accurate time reference and there if is towards much needed the presence of clock. In accordance with the foregoing, man in its constant evolution and development process began to devise useful tools and mechanisms to measure time and thus appears the first wristwatch, which was the solar clock, which worked on the basis of the movement of shadows that were generated with the passage of the day and the light of the Sun. The first appearances of clocks and Sun back to 3000 years before Christ in Chinese societies, in the same way this type of clock was also used by the Egyptians and the incas. The big problem that was generated with this type clock, it is at certain times of the day were not useful. With the passing time began to use other means to measure time, as the water clock, which used a mechanism based on water, passing from one container to another, this clock mode gave way to the hourglass, which I highlight in the 3rd century and with this all the time in a day I could be perfectly measured. For the course between the 8th and 11th centuries begins has generated the first appearances of the clock with a regular and continuous mechanism which allowed the rotary movement of the machinery the watch, as it was with weights engine clock and from there it was all improvements, up to today, where the digital clocks are already handled. Original author and source of the article

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