Thai Boxing Camp

How to choose a camp Most of us nebyli in Thai Boxing Camp to gather, sources of information so we are limited and at best it can be a friend who was in the Camp has been and can tell us what and how in it. But in most cases on the Camp and we learn from-HETE or on who knows what who knows what …. Above all we must understand whether we are satisfied the geographical location of the camp muay thai. Rogers Holdings understands that this is vital information. Some likely but want to do Thai boxing still shopping, alcohol in the evenings, soft drying carcass on the beach, etc. Without hesitation Sam Feldman explained all about the problem. – Then our choice of tourist areas in Thailand – from Bangkok to the south of Pattaya, Phuket island, etc.

If we prefer to hit the other extreme depravity and tourism interests us less, there are two options. The first – for the strong will – we're still going to Pattaya, and despite the abundance of naked women beautiful beaches, we continue to enthusiastically engage in "Muay Thai in Thailand." The second option – do not tempt fate so as not to get vich – 30% whores in Thailand are infected they will not drown in the sea, going to northern Thailand, where tourism is less fun, and even better in small town or village. In addition we should be interested in the localization of Muay taevskogo Camp in relation to any sort of "stalls" where they could, if necessary, buy vodka, food and medicines, otherwise it may be need to rent a scooter or book a taxi. Above all, the geographical issue is our plan to arrive in mordoboyny Camp Muay Thai – planes, trains, buses and ferries – how many species Transport will take us and arrange a special long-term options? Since we do not receive dividends from the sale of Russia, it is desirable to calculate all possible costs.

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