Russian Interior Ministry

This type is safe to store any type of property in areas where their loss is possible with embezzlement. According to GOST 50862-96 Robert exist 10 classes of resistance to cracking safes for (a total of 13 classes of resistance to cracking, the classes of 11 to 13 are only for storage). The degree of resistance to cracking the safe by the time required for partial and full access to the contents safe in a special test set by GOST 50862-96 Robert. 7. Safes that combine Fire and Burglar resistance.

Increasing the thickness of the metal to make a safe installation of valves in the internal space between the walls and pouring concrete, specific, blocking (impeding access to the content safe with all kinds of cutting tools) – these are design features of cases and the safe door, which combines resistance to burglary and fire. 8. How safe is best used for storing money? Sure, it’s better to use safe, resistant to cracking. The greater the amount of storage, the higher should be the class of resistance against cracking. If the safe will be installed in a bank vault values, it must meet the requirements of the CBR instruction on the equipment box-office units, ie must have an appropriate class of resistance to cracking. 9. Is there a Russian insurance company, insuring safe and its contents? Yes There are some companies willing to insure your safe and its contents as property. However, since in Russia there is no unified system of insurance, each company insures safe in their own individual rates and contracts.

In Europe, the amount of insurance depends on the class safe. 10. How do organizations that produce certified safe, it is safe to trust? European institutions: the Institute of Insurers (Germany, Cologne), which carries Test Standards EURO / VdS, Test Centre in Braunschweig (Germany), carrying out tests on the standard tent. Russian centers: Certification body armor products and materials and radiation protection (OSIMOV), the certification body armor and special equipment of the Research Institute of the Russian Interior Ministry special equipment (NIIST MVD), SIC ‘Protection’ VNIIPO the Interior Ministry. Certificates for the safe, issued in conformity with other standards (for example, GOST 16371-93 GOST 17452-86 or applied for certification of furniture and non-safe) when you purchase the safe should not be taken into account in general because These results may be a conventional advertising course trading organization, for which there is a desire, by all means to sell their products even by misleading customers about the protective properties of the product.

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