Paradise Beach

Its climate is tropical and this, along with its exotic beaches and warm people, has done is known as the Pearl of the Caribbean background 15 August 1498 during the third trip, Cristobal Colon arrived at Margarita. On that trip the Admiral also reached dry land, Venezuela. That August day Columbus sighted three islands, two of them small, low and arid (the current car and Cubagua), separated by a channel of one third, larger, covered with vegetation and populated by indigenous people who called her Paraguachoa, word meaning according to historians fish in abundance, and according to other people’s sea Cabe highlighting as noted, than Erigida in 1525the province of Margarita is the oldest that in 1777 formed the captaincy General of Venezuela. It had depended on the Real Audiencia of Santo Domingo until 1739, when it was annexed to the Viceroyalty of New Granada, together with other entities; 19 of April 1810 he was one of seven Venezuelan provinces that declared their independence from the Spanish Crown, and in 1830, to dissolve the Republic of Colombia (Gran Colombia) and arise the independent Republic of Venezuela, was also one of its 13 original provinces. In 1864, to divide the country in 20 States and a Federal District, Margarita took the name of Nueva Esparta State, in honour of the bravery and courage of his people. In 1881 it became a section of the greater State Guzman Blanco (called Miranda from 1889 to 1898).

In 1901, two years after that reinstated the autonomy of the States, resumed the name of Nueva Esparta, but loses it again between 1904 and 1909, period in which is included in the Federal District as Eastern section. Finally, in 1909 it recovers as a State in 1948, attached to its territory the island of Cubagua, keeping as the name of Nueva Esparta State and island of Margarita. Large numbers of foreigners, above all colonies of Lebanese, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, live in the island French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Argentinian, Chilean, Uruguayans, Colombian, Chinese, among others. Also people live from the Venezuelan mainland immigrants, which are called pejoratively navigates you. The assumption is the political capital, but the largest town is Porlamar, which has a little less than 25% of the neoespartana population, and more than 1/4 of the Margarita population. The population of Margarita is more than 400,000 inhabitants, although this tends to fluctuate in holiday periods or seasons Christmas and festive when, according to data from the regional newscast 2007 Telecaribe, arrived around 200,000 visitors, mostly from the Central and the western part of the country.

In short. Margarita has a wealth of beaches and landscapes that you can visit and enjoy, most go to the center of the city that leaves a great deal to say, its beaches are: Cruz Beach. The smoke. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Leiden. Puerto Viejo, La Restinga. Juan Griego.La tip of the Guamache (Paradise Beach) Beach. Yaque. the water.Parguito. La Galera, Caribbean. Manzanillo Zaragoza. We hope that the authorities should be identified more with this tourist role that the beauty of this Pearl of the Caribbean can offer of attention be paid. Original author and source of the article.

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