Nietzsche Values

Being thus, we find the corruption natural that has in our system politician. We find this due a lack of conscience politics that we have to a large extent of our people and of the experience of a moral that values the human being. It has many preachers of the moral, of the virtues, but it has few in fact that they follow, that lives a moral that values the person of the other, the humanity. Nietzsche searched, inside of its philosophy, to destroy the moral religious. It called it moral of the resented ones, therefore it was based on the fear and the hatred to the life, the passions, the desires. This invents another life, that is beyond this, in a distant future, in the eternity, incorporal, that we will receive as it rewards for our sacrifices, for restraining our instincts and accepting the values of the weak ones. For it this moral denies the joy of living, the joy to satisfy our will, our passions, taking us it mortificao to reach the perpetual life. Being thus, the practical ones of altruism destroy the love of itself, domesticating the instincts and producing generations of weak.

As we are perceiving to our redor, each day more ‘ ‘ profecia’ ‘ of Nietzsche of a society directed toward the will of being able, for the full release of the passions, the instincts it is if materialize. Here I make some questionings to reflect: will obtain we to develop a new moral that values the humanity? Will be the end of the humanity if it to continue following the individualism and the will of being able? Which will be the future of the humanity if it will not have a moral? We have that remembering in them that our parents, our brothers, our dear beings are only loved in virtue of an affection who we call love. Because of it we are capable of submitting in them to some things to keep the loved next to us and saved person. While it will have somebody that values the other, I believe that the humanity still will have hope. I only wait not to arrive at the point of all the humanity if to become individualist, therefore I believe that if this to happen can be the end of our proper existence.

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