Literary Club

The admiration for Comte is enlightening, mainly for agreement of the texts produced for the bohemians, constructed under the positivista believer, point of view of science, the progress and the civilization that hugs the cause of the instruction and the perfectioning of ' ' esprito' ' of that if it considers to duelar in the enclosure for bullfighting of the letters. Term many times associated to the lack of local support for the initiatives of ' ' put young men literatos' '. Between them, Fbio Rabbit Hisses, deceased precociously in 1908, to the 32 years of age. What more flame attention in the figures most representative of the second phase of the Literary Club of Palmares is accurately this capacity of invention. It is considered, at the same time, the case to be self-taught and to assume the reading of the library of the club as a daily and estafante exercise. Attitude that harms the life with on parents to the commerce (GRIZ, 1924). Fact that does not hinder the jobs in the offices of the railroad company (in the accounting department, graphical or telegraph). Or namoro with young women of family of the city, with its you endow catholics, domestic servants and, to the times, of you arrest literary capable to read and to understand the poems that had produced vates since the recent puberty.

A latch that is told as a heroic youth for choosing to duelar in ' ' enclosure for bullfighting of letras' '. Test that the local bohemian was always very distant of the life bohemian lived in the great cities, mixing more illustration that another purpose and, still thus, an unpretentious illustration for majority of its participants. It is that it tells this engaada trick on ' ' who is the young man? ' ': It is young elegant. Daring and altivo, diligent and glad.

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