German Government

This applies especially in the Federal Republic of Germany to strengthen it or even to expand and not to wait on a surge of Chinese ideas. It is considered to be cautious in spite of all development aid in the exchange of just these research results between China and Germany. So it happened that research organisations and institutions to promote research in China by German authorities were founded between 2000 and 2005. China overhauled precisely in these years the FRG in the Exportcharts. While one dreams a long-term equally beneficial research and education policy in the next few decades, but this will be as far as possible on one side. The question, how and whether China influenced the economy and the policy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the next 20 years, is probably the wrong question. And it implies a certain fear in itself.

This fear of the people’s Republic is as absurd as the fear of the next inflation. China is as safe as the next inflation and present is already huge. The deal with manifests itself in the preparation for this fact. Evil tongues say that there is to be no right time with China in the business. The right time 200 years ago was 20 years ago, two years ago or even last night! It means if we think carefully about our Industriemogule and the German Government missed the point, to be really thick with China and now we have to fight, not to become the knowledge and research centre of the Chinese barons. China has more than 3000 years of civil history and experiencing this economic explosion is long overdue. It took so long that the country with the Central formation, the highest savings rate in the world of 45% and the largest foreign exchange reserves in US dollars was finally all to take advantage of this.

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