Already of 26 the 36 years, had been drifters. The ones that have 36 years more than, some had also had doubt and others had said that they had observed changes, for example, some people had taken knowledge of what this happening with the nature in the world from the FestiVelhas. How much to the spreading of the jequitibaense folklore, preventing, thus, its extinguishing opportune answers had appeared. The young ones up to 25 years had said that they divulge of an indirect form the folklore. One of these still clarifies the spreading form, through the local artesanato. Already the categories of 26 the 36 years, interesting answers had been given. Prominence for a living owner of restaurant, that displays the artesanato in its workstation of work and still it serves typical foods of the region, as form to divulge the culture.

In one all, the spreading is well-known. The ones that has 36 years more than divulge the folklore in diverse modalities, such as: counting estrias, in the schools, through projects implanted for the local administrative community. FINAL CONSIDERAES In so contradictory a so diversified context and at the same time, as the jequitibaense society, to search and to interview on the meaning of the heading of ' ' Mining capital of the Folclore' ' its inhabitants are a great honor and a inesquecvel learning. For everything displayed in this work, one concludes that the increase is necessary of valuation of the folclricas manifestations on the part of the jequitibaense population, so that the cultural roots are not lost throughout the time. It seems to be an easy task, but in the truth to interview the people of a city of the interior as Jequitib is complicated. All, at a first moment, had pointed some reasons not to answer the questions, a time that, were distrustful. The young, in its majority, had not been worried in answering, the few that if prontificaram to only help had made it the order of its professors.

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