Federal Tax Service

Note that when you make statements form number R11001 information therein and in the Charter to coincide abbreviate corporate name. If you have a Statement of company’s name in English, then in the Constitution it must also be specified. If you do not wish to have a corporate name, the application must be make a dash. Having a week registered the documents you print manufactures, making copies of constituent documents and open a bank account. Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 46 of Moscow working on a “single window”, so you are freed from the obligation to register Mosgorstat, the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and the Fund of obligatory medical insurance, it will do the registering authority, if not technical failures. But as a rule, the notice at the registered office does not send, so you will need to attend extra-budgetary funds and get the documents themselves. Then you take the Rent for office or industrial premises. Do not forget to employ educated and experienced buhgaltera.Poryadok registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur to register natural person as an individual entrepreneur you must first select codes of economic activities according to NACE, select the tax regime.

If you decide to choose a simplified system nalogoblozheniya, you must complete two application form to go to the USN, and then submit an application form number R21001, which signature to notarize. Paying the state fee of 800 rubles a statement and hand over a photocopy of personal passport of citizen of the Russian Federation to the registering authority. After 5 days of receiving the registered documents: Certificate of state registration, notification of assignment of Inn and extract from EGRIP. Further, having a statistical agencies (in Mosgorstat, Moscow), an information letter codes NACE, receive notification of registration as an insurer in the territorial department of the Social Insurance Fund, the notice of registration of an individual entrepreneur in the territorial department of the Pension Fund and the registration certificate of the insured in the Moscow office of the mandatory health insurance. Can make a seal. Then open a bank account and start working.

Do not forget to recruit educated and experienced accountant. In all these cases, the applicant itself in its documents registration authority or send the documents by registered mail to the list of contents in the mail. In the first case, the applicant can get yourself a set of registered documents, or to entrust it to his representative on Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney can be issued in writing. In the second case, the registration authority shall send the documents at the place of residence of the individual entrepreneur.

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