Erich Sartori

“Simplify” – a key element of the development of Karlsruhe, 30.11.2010 – Erich Sartori is a technical fathers of today’s abas business software and computer scientist with body and soul: “If I can program a difficult history, in which I have a feeling, that brings something to the user, then this is the greatest joy for me.” Accordingly something it never was in the past thirty years, leading organizational responsibility. Much more, he appealed to the challenge to his computer scientist can prove a demanding work. “Simplify” – a key element in the development “it is always important to simplify complex problem or software solutions. Again and again to ask, how can I download break. This is relevant for a software that exists almost thirty years, and whose source code you want to remain manageable.

I am pleased about each line that I can throw out from the code. This is for me just as much, such as rows that come in new”, explains Sartori. Creator of the abas database in the early years was allowed to Sartori together with Reinhard harms of a very special task are: the development of the abas’s own database. They went with much enthusiasm to work. At the beginning of the eighties many database approaches were still young, external databases cost much money and were designed for use on mainframes.

The decision for or against a specific database wanted to be deliberate. Would you put on the wrong horse at this time, that could have meant the financial downfall of the young company. A fate that has met some competitors in the industry. The two based on the needs of its clients when deciding for a database and this was the middle-class. That meant, the solution you’re looking for could not too much more expensive the own product, the database should be designed for use in medium-sized companies and require appropriately not too many resources.

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