English Subcultures

If in a society begin to dominate subcultural elements, the meaning and main culture artifacts begin to lose their positions, gradually changing under the influence of a much larger number of meanings and artifacts of subcultures. The main difference between this state from the norm is that introduced by the meanings of subcultures and artifacts are beginning to transform the cultural space, is beginning to change the discourse in direction corresponding to the subculture. In this case, the primary culture did not have time to process new meanings and artifacts, they simply incorporated into the existing order, and do not contribute to enrichment culture, and turning it into an environment where there is prolongation of the subcultures. Something similar can be observed at the intersection of Internet culture and main culture: slang, which was formed on the Internet as Russian-speaking and English-speaking, actively introduced into everyday life, and we can find enough people who communicate in this slang. Can not say that such a transfer slang only expands the scope of subculture, making it more comprehensive and able to give a complete alternative to the main culture. Rather, this process can be represented in the form of expansion of zones of influence of subcultures, and in these areas and the mechanics of events is subject to one or another meaning of the various subcultures. Main culture becomes an empty shell, containing a large number of subcultures, it is not even a night watchman, and the forgotten foundation the existence of subcultural pluralism.

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