Car Insurance

Buying a new car, you give him almost the last money. And rightly so. Better today indulge in something, because tomorrow the same car will cost more because of rapid depreciation of money, I mean inflation. And, of course, do not forget about the class of vehicle. If you can just buy a car a class above – not Please save. Themselves will then be grateful, having experienced in the first trip on the new Car respect for other road users. In practice, no one else would dare to squeeze in front of you in traffic or cut on the narrow road.

But all this is easier to acquire than to preserve. Please visit Cyrus Massoumi if you seek more information. Accident, falling trees, unsuccessful parking and t.p. appearance of our shopping. Requires urgent repairs. And well, if in this situation, the culprit turns out to be someone else. And if it is not? Chtoesli all this happened solely because of your carelessness or lack of driving experience? In this case, for all have to pay out of pocket. And money is not small! That's it then most drivers and understand casco insurance policies and osago.

and that not all insurance companies are the same, despite the seeming at first glance, the similarity of insurance products. How many times have I heard the angry cries of their friends and acquaintances of any insurance companies. For example, an insurance Suppose a company 1 (Car Insurance) 'do not pay me money when I came to them! " In this case, none of the perturbed speakers never, I repeat never, did not read the rules of insurance in which black and white is described disbursement procedures and the collection of required documents. Even more ridiculous looking man who confidently states about the reliability of one or inoystrahovoy company, when only bought the policy. For example, 'the insurance company say number 2, I will have no problems. Office they have more work quickly and energetically. I have not been detained or how, all wisely and well told, then the paperwork and everything. It took not more than 1 hour. " This, of course. Only with conclusions are not in a hurry. Since the sales department and the department of insurance payments – this is not the same! And before you judge the reliability of a company, you should first acquire experience in communicating precisely with the latter department. Also, do not is infinitely trust various insurance brokers. They are, with few exceptions, work on the principle: sell and forget. Therefore, brokers try to sell insurance products to those companies that pay them a higher percentage of of the value of the policy. And if you, for example, persistently and without alternative say that only 'our' insurance company the best of the best and the others are not even worth paying attention, it is literally a minute to think about and analyze what was said. Maybe this company is really good, but there is something better! To summarize all of the above. Insure it is necessary – it is so. But before you run headlong into the first insurance company need to examine the insurance market and the experience of other car owners, after reading reviews of insurance companies. Also check out the rating of insurance companies, maybe there you will not even be able to find those companies that are so hard imposed on all sides!

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