Andy Warhol

The public response to the epidemic Warhol was fear. Only Warhol painting, in which he addresses this issue – it’s aids / Jeep / Bike ‘, which during the life of Warhol was not present (perhaps because it was incomplete or was the initial phase of group project). Uniqueness picture is that it does not contain any treatment, nor those of any control mechanism gap between what is embodied, and what is abstracted. Instead, there is only absence. On a bicycle and a Jeep nobody goes.

This is the most melancholic painting of Warhol at the depressed sense of the word, it displays a failed attempt to grief, inability to assign any form of publicity, which could arrange it. Warhol & tv. Warhol – one of the the few filmmakers of the American underground, whose name is known to the public. In his early films such as ‘Dream’ (1963) and ‘Empire’ (1964), the principle of repetition becomes almost hypnotic effect. The only way – night view the Empire State Building or a sleeping man – is projected onto the screen for hours with virtually no change in the complete absence of sound. Although in later films, created in mid-1960’s, there is a scene (often most erotic content), the author’s position as an impartial observer will continue throughout the work. In 1969, Warhol created the first feature film ‘Flesh’, followed by ‘Garbage’ (1970). And in the movies themselves, and process of their creation was present significant element of parody of the commercial cinema.

In the period from 1966 to 1968 Warhol shot some movies with a group of ‘Velvet Underground’. In 1980, Warhol decided to organize its own tv. He drafted a new cable channel (Andy Warhol’s TV) and became its director. Andy Uorhel was, without doubt, a prominent artist of his generation. He was immensely in love with contemporary culture in all its banality and outright consumerism. He was fascinated by the idea of art and business, while noting that “success in business – the most interesting art form.” It all turned upside down and turned inside out, and it had worked. In his pictures do not tell me that they are drawn by human hand, not to mention the traditional methods. His sculpture was like boxes, which brought the messenger boy. He rented movies, where there was virtually no traffic What’s up artistic originality of the work, it just was not thinking about it As to the confession, which is usually crowned by a high art, if successful, it also did not attach any importance to this and said that he would like to see minutes fifteen everyone in the world has become famous. Jean Baudrillard Aesthetics illusions, disillusionment / / Elements”, 9, 2000. Munipov A. The Two Faces of Andy Warhol / / Caravan of stories, 6, 1999 Warhol, E. Philosophy of Andy Warhol (from A to Z) .- Moscow, 2000. Flatley, J. Poetics faces of Warhol .- M., 2002. Crone, Rainer. Andy Warhol. New York, 1970. Gidal, Peter. Andy Warhol: Films and Painting. – London, New York, 1971. ‘Success is a Job in New York’: The Early Art and Bussiness of Andy Warhol. – New York, 1989. McShine, Kynaston. Andy Warhol: A Retrospective. – New York: MoMA, 1989. Internet Resources:.

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