Valle Grande

Every guest who stays at any hotel in Mendoza does not want to miss, for anything in the world, the opportunity to tour the Cuyo region in its entirety. Its rivers and Lakes of crystal clear waters are home to the most beautiful fish. That is why many fishing lovers come from all parts of the planet to the province of Mendoza with the expectation of catching any of these magnificent specimens. And that is what the region of Cuyo, a place destined to be one of the most relevant points of fishing in the world. Mendoza Province rests on an extremely arid soil. However, his village has managed to transform the Mendoza lands in some of the most fertile and productive country.

Dams and hydroelectric dams on the many mendocinos rivers, have been built to take advantage of their strength to produce electric power and feed all systems of irrigation in the region. In this way, manages to provide electricity and water to all villages and cities in the province, as well as the vineyards, ensuring the quality and quantity of its wines. Large numbers of Pink salmon can be found in rivers and Lakes through the hills. Rainbow and brown trout also prefer mountain streams as natural habitats, especially near Malargue, the rio Grande and the Salado, South of Mendoza. In the North are the Atuel River and Nihuil, dammed in Valle Grande dam.

The rivers Diamante and Atuel cater to the Los Reyunos reserve, of the Cuyo region’s largest rainbow trout nest. Due to ecological issues, fishing can be restricted to a certain number of copies. It is to say that fishing is permitted, but only in lakes and rivers specifically indicated for this purpose, and with a number of prisoners per capita limited. That is why there are so many artificial lakes in the area, where can catch salmon, trout and Golden of monumental size. However, none of these species is so typical and abundant as the silverside, much easier to fish. At the end of the day fishing, near the 5 or 6 in the afternoon, fishermen return to the hotel in Mendoza capital, very happy and satisfied by the intense day.

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