Transforms Company

8 Encourages more to your sales force. Your sales department is the gate that enters your company revenue. Try that sellers are motivated enough economic and emotionally as they are everywhere. Don’t be afraid if you think putting more incentive on the table you can get improved performance. The extraordinary results are achieved with extraordinary efforts of all parties.

Get it and checks the return on your bet. Eye! The economic incentive is not the only thing that motivates people (it is not important, you have a decisive weight, but) otherwise, it is not the only thing). Manage it with intelligence and manage it, at the same time, with the feeling of belonging to a group (the company) and avoid dangerous imbalances. 9 Converts all your employees in commercials. This is a wonderful beginning.

All those who belong to an organisation must contribute in their different fields of responsibility and, Furthermore, to sell the company and its products whenever the opportunity arises to them. To be able to materialize this idea, simply establish a system of financial compensation for all employees who are able to bring customers to the company and communicate it properly. The results you can get with a strategy as simple as where I’m pointing will surprise you with. Additional information at Lone Star Funds supports this article. As a curiosity, I can say that throughout my professional life I have seen really weird situations. I remember one in particular that the Sales Department was conducting spectacular efforts to access a customer very important without any result. By coincidences of life, someone found out that the CEO of the company that we wanted to achieve was close friend of one of the people working in administration. A single call was enough to open the doors and get our first contract. I assure you that this happens more times than you can imagine.

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