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Eugene Black. What is a miracle? This is a huge amount of finds. This is what allows us to to decipher anything. For example, Kargaly – it's 35 thousand mines. In the village of Gorno-one thousand square meters.

m collected 2.5 million bone – this is for 2500 meters. What to Arkaim? 15 thousand bones from 8 sq m. That is, we have 2500 out there – two bones. Arch – a small sacral center or tribal clan, tribe or small – nothing more. Is it worth mentioning that, for example, Norway – a country with an extremely low density areas in the number of graves loses ten times populous Nigeria? Such arithmetic calculations in the mouth, Corresponding Member of RAS sound, at least, laughable. And the clearer it becomes unsightly fact: no are serious grounds to doubt the scientific significance of Arkaima Evgeny Nikolaevich Chernykh lacks. So what is shamefully silent Eugene Black? In particular, he said that the value of archaeological finds – and This is obvious to everyone – not determined the size and number of bones. It did not take into account that any evidence of burial of past lives and destinies of people, their worldview and spirituality. Each archaeological site is unique – whether you want to compare them? It would be more correct to consider the scientific value Arkaima from other positions. What is Arch so interested scientists around the world? In the present Arkaim powerful defensive structures, a complex system of communication, unique architecture, a harmonious construction of the space.

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