Crisis Of The Rich, Via Crucis Of The Poor

In other words, diversity is how life expands and adapts to different media and conditions. Diversity and life are synonymous for the biosphere. Life processes tend to diversity but at the same time are an expression of unity, the biosphere, Gaia, the exuberance of life in a constant battle to survive his own miracle in hostile environments. For the same reason, cultural diversity is a condition for human life. That is, and although it may be a sufficient reason, diversity is not limited only to avoid the boredom of monotony but also is vital part of our survival as humanity. However, we are humans the only species that has replaced the natural and discrete loss of species and threatening an artificial extermination, predation by industrial pollution and consumerism. Those who hold a possible but not inevitable "historical progress" based on knowledge and the pursuit of gender equality and freedom, we can see that humanity, as many sometimes placed in danger of extinction by itself, has made some progress that has allowed it to survive and live with their increasing muscle strength. And yet, any good we've added the rest of nature.

In many ways, perhaps in the natural process of trial and error, we have regressed or our mistakes have become exponentially dangerous. Consumerism is one of those errors. That insatiable appetite has little or nothing to do with progress towards a possible and even likely was not-hungry, post-scarcity, but with more primitive era of gluttony and greed. Let alone with an animal instinct, because they do not monopolize the savannah lions do not practice the systematic extermination of their victims, and because even the pigs once they are filled.

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