The Tapajs

One of the proposals of changes, of improvement that are come back to this and to other diverse problems is the development in the different areas of works, for the fact of that we, small developed cities less will have more resources that will go to generate jobs to the society. Therefore, it is necessary that they understand the division as a chance that will go to change the life of the population of general form and that they accept as being a challenge that in the end each addition of hope will result in this new world that is the new State, a new life not only for us as for the future coming generations. TO DIVIDE OR NOT? 12 AMANDA LOPES AMORIM the division of the state of Par this being a treated controversial subject very lately, therefore the state goes to be divided in three states: the state of the Carajs, the state of the Tapajs, and the Par state. This division this being sufficiently commented for the paraenses; this fight for the division of the state comes since 1823 and will be made the plebiscite in day 11 of December and will be everything clarified. If it will be divided, the state daqui the two years can have the election of governor and creation of administrative structure of the state. In this in case that, the creation of the new state is considered impracticable why the city of Itaituba goes to delay to be benefited. The capital can more be close, plus this the population growth does not go to influence the growth of the state nor why the city goes to be abandoned for the government because of the capital that in the case would be close and they go to take care of first of the capital pra later being able to see the other regions of the state. .

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