National States

In this manner the subdesenvolvimento of specific areas eventually leads necessarily to those conditions that a lucrative and susceptvel area of fast development makes highly. The subdesenvolvimento occurs in all the space scales and the capital tries to put into motion itself geographically in such way that continuously it explores development chances, without suffering the economic costs from the subdesenvolvimento (SMITH, 1998, P. 35). As it places the proper author such phenomenon occurs in different space scales, that is, geographic scales. Of this form since scales as the city until global regions such phenomenon would be present, being mediated in each scale for elements and specific conditions, as we could cite the borders of the National States (a level of geographic scale) that it would offer resistncias to the mobility of the capital and, over all of the workmanship hand.

Rank the thesis of the different development and agreement, we go to abide us a little on the space or geographic scales in opposition by the cartographic scales. These last ones even so widely used for the gegrafos, nor always result in adequate answers to the study of the geographic phenomena. Smith (2000) approaching the thematic one of the geographic scale places that this is the first step through which occurs the space differentiation. Continuing its reflections he places that the construction and understanding of the geographic scale can provide a better language of the differentiation space. Another point still detached is that the geographic scale is constructed from the social processes, being produced by means of of the proper society, that in last instance is produced by geographic structures of social interaction. The geographic scale, in its production, would be the place of conflicts and fights potentially intense politics. Thus the geographic scale leaves of side the cartographic scale, a relation between dimensions of determined objects or phenomena of the reality and its representation in letters and maps, starting to value the geographic dynamics, that is in the essence a social dynamics.

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