In the truth, this responsibility is on account of an ambient education that the tourist must have, not only stops with the cities in which it will be visiting, but also stops with its city. The education for the ambient tourism will have to be developed by means of not formal programs, calling ' ' citizen turista' ' to a conscientious participation in the protection of the environment not only during the vacations, but also in the daily one, the place of its permanent residence (RUSCHMANN, 1997, P. 75). From the moment where the tourist leaves its origin following for a tourist destination, automatically it already will have that to execute its responsibilities, initiating for the courtesy that it must have with the receiving community, as well as all the involved agents to take care of it well, also to know the limits of its requirement, he is not because it is paying for the services that are being offered to it that it will give the right of action to it of austere form. 4.

Consideraes Final After the study made on the effect of the tourism in UCs, is possible to detect that this activity must be made with much caution and conscience. Remembering that the support of a region also depends on the tourists, them they are part of the development being able to influence in the minimizao of the ecological impacts. Therefore the sustainable tourism happens in agreement that the tourist aims at to the maximizao of the aspects positives, that is, that any action of the man before the nature will be reaching itself exactly. In such a way, we must worrying in them about each millimeter of area that we are stepping on not to harm the environment. The tourism is an activity that foments all the economy of a region. He is through it that the generation of income and job occurs, valuing the capital assets and cultural of this region, thus, providing a motivation gamma so that its community can also value these goods, in which many times finish being forgotten and occurs a secular depreciation. .

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