Imax Quality

The balance has been satisfactory for both parts and the commitment is going away to maintain until 2012. The students of the occupational factories are in charge of dated packaging and of the cartridges of printers that are not of own manufacture, and to this control individualized manual and of each unit the supervision of the directors is added. Thus, in this part of the process the quality doubly is guaranteed. Miguel Mosque, manager of Ecotoner Pyrenean, indicates: the quality is not an objective, but a form to make the things, and in the present market, the best letter of presentation.

Fitted the cartridges with our means, work delegated in this case in the students of the preoccupational factory, assures the excellence to us of the product, consequently, and the satisfaction of the client. If a remittance arrives from factory with a small defect or it has been seen affected by the transport, the manipulators detect the anomaly they discard and it. Our obsession is not to defraud neither to the portfolio of clients nor the final consumer, and this sieve gives to total confidence us. The lads of Reina Sofia fit the red cartridges and to tner of the mark IMAX, property of the montisonense company/signature. The work reports a remuneration to them and complements the daily program of education activities and leisure.

In addition, the direction of the center values two parallel psycho-social benefits : the task makes them feel useful and, more important if it fits, it takes to them to assume responsibilities, which results in its formation in all the orders. Seal IMAX, then, combines recycling and social work. About Ecotoner Pyrenean Compatible Cartridges Ecotoner S.L.U, company dedicated to the distribution of compatible and original cartridges of printer of tner and red of the Imax mark in Spain, it initiates his activity in 1999, with the intention to save costs of impression to the users. Having the quality and the attention to client like objectives, Ecotoner had a park of printers to make a will all the cartridges. Being put on approval one by one in tner and carrying out a double unitary control in red before distributing the product. Inciting, as well, to the suppliers they have approved norms of quality and they use in its production raw materials of last generation.

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