The Bicycle

You can lose weight using an exercise bike provided that intense physical exercise. If it is not, we will enjoy the pleasure of stretch your legs for a few minutes to increase our feeling of well-being but without great energy consumption. Although previously already have signed up some disadvantages, here are some:-drab exercise, what it causes, as already discussed, that while we exercise us we’re watching television – muscle action very limited and concentrated on the lower train (quadriceps and calves) – far below in a tape running energy effort, approximately 1/6 less). I.e., for each kilometre done on tape, must be 6 kilometres on the bike – discomfort in bone coccyx if we do not use a seat appropriate currently there are plenty of models of bikes on the market, mostly with prices ranging from the 150 to 1,000. To choose an exercise bike should be considered the following criteria:-type of resistance: currently, most bicycles incorporate a magnetic resistance system that offers a smooth and silent movement. Depending on the model, the magnetic resistance can be controlled manually via a wheel located on the bike frame, usually under the console, or electronically from the LCD monitor in the case of bicycles with connection to the mains supply. -Weight, dimensions and regulations: is very important to choose the ideal bicycle taking into account our weight and the intensity and frequency with which we want to exercise, since the stability of the bicycle is very important.

If the handlebar is adjustable, vertically and horizontally, if possible we will find us our ideal position. -Heart rate control: most models incorporate sensors in the handlebars to control our heart rate. On some models of bike, the LCD monitor only us Displays your reading, but in others it is also used by programs that incorporate to increase or decrease the level of exercise. -Programs: as already indicated above, some bikes incorporate pre-defined programs that reproduce different types of training to achieve different objectives. Some programs uses the heart rate to increase or decrease the level of exercise. These predefined exercises are recommended for those who want to reduce weight or increase endurance.

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