Berkshire Hathaway Buffett

Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett), to convince the majority of his colleagues – the most successful investor, who made their money by investing in stocks. However, the word 'luck' is probably not the most appropriate. In choosing sites for investment Buffett confine themselves to the fundamental analysis – he picks stocks for financial and operational performance of public companies. He buys not just shares, and successful business that stands behind this stock securities. At the same time Buffett prefers those assets, which in his opinion, at the time of purchase undervalued. Of course, Buffett has long-term investor – on average it holds stocks for 10 years.

And he said, he does not care what happens to the stock exchange after he bought them. By his own admission, good stocks will keep it for as long as they are able to make a profit. Sell them before the time he will not, and it may be somewhat reduced financial performance of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) (BRKB) – so he thinks Buffett. "The main secret of successful investing – says Buffett, nicknamed the" Oracle of Omaha "for his investment instincts – to choose good stocks at the right time and keep them up to As long as these shares remain good. " The best known and most frequently cited illustration of the success of the strategy Buffett is the fact that $ 10,000 invested in his company in 1965, now would bring about $ 30 million in the same $ 10 Thousands invested in the S & P 500, now would be worth only $ 500 thousand Buffett himself consistently ranked third in the ranking of world's richest people, compiled by Forbes. His fortune is now estimated at $ 47 billion, Warren Buffett, Edward Born August 30, 1930 in Omaha, which is located in Nebraska. His father Howard Buffett (Howard Buffett) was a successful stock trader.

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