Housing Improvement Real

In 2009 in Spain according to the INE (National Institute of Statistics) has sold 414,811 of real estate, which is 24.9% lower than in the previous year 2008. However, in December 2009 it was sold 32 148 objects, which is only 0.3% less than in December 2008 year. Some believe that restoration of the market, while others with this opinion does not agree. Some experts doubt begs the question: what percentage of the total estate was sold to financial institutions? IDEALISTA NEWS asked the experts on these data, and that when at last improve the situation in the housing market: Carlos Ferrer – Bonsoms, Head of the Department of Lands, Housing Improvement and Planning Company JONES LANG LASALLE: We are not surprised by these data, and consider it necessary to clarify that this refers to the sale of housing, which was bought two, three, four years ago and dealt only today. In addition, we are left with the question of what percentage of the of the total number of properties, both primary and secondary market, was sold to financial institutions. We believe that in Spain there is a real demand for housing, and that sales of real estate depends on whether you will adjust prices, and in general on the situation on financial markets. However, by JONES LANG LASALLE this year we are seeing some recovery in real estate sales market: are getting more requests by telephone and also from the customers who come in person. Over the next two to three months see if this was a serious improvement in market conditions or whether it is simply an oasis in the desert of the crisis.

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