Review Crossover Mazda Cx-7

Mazda company presents us with a new model Mazda CX-7 – is a perfect blend of sports car and a practical crossover, which has a unique combination of sporting dynamics and function. This allows him to feel 'At home' in the streets of the modern metropolis. From the sports car Mazda CX-7 has acquired an athletic appearance and petrol turbocharged engine capacity of 2.3 liter direct-injection engine, which allows us to develop capacity in 238 hp and generates a torque of 350 Nm. This allows the CX-7 demonstrate high dynamic performance at all speeds. In addition, the car has a spacious lounge with a good visibility, versatility and comfort, as well as ground clearance, characteristic of a crossover. 6-speed automatic transmission allows full power to control sensitive Mazda CX-7. All versions are equipped with a box car Activematic transmission with electronic control.

Automatic six-speed Sport AT transmission has a full manual mode switch, designed for active drivers. Gear changes can be made simple moving the lever "forward / backward." As a result, the transmission device allows the engine to feel, with enough flexibility achieved powertrain, fuel economy and driving comfort. Mazda CX-7 offers a full suite of active and passive safety. The machine is designed with a proprietary system of energy absorption during impact. The distribution of rigidity body parts arranged so that the impact energy event of a collision to the passengers and the driver comes as a last resort, thereby greatly reducing the chance of injury. To be sure, and protection of all passengers are installed 6 airbags – front and side for passengers seated in the front seats and side curtain airbags for all passengers. Fast response pads provide bnzopasnosti roll angle sensors and curtain airbags keep the gas for about 6 seconds. Standard equipment includes front seat belt retractors limiters and effort.

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