Glazing – is an important and effective, the resolution of the problem of heat savings. It should be noted that the heat of 'follows' through the window, according to two main fronts (at least): 1 – Fractures. 2 – Glass. Now reservation, that sort material, from whose frames are made and the foundation affects the heat transfer is negligible. Needless to say, the degree of heat transfer in such materials as wood and iron differs in several times, but the area of what 'cover' the frame and base rather paltry in relation to the area of glazing. Because of this level of quality frames according to the criterion of thermal performance is determined not just substance, such as creating quality, accuracy, 'fit' and in the end not having the slits. In this version, we take only the factory frame.

Carries his to the box, they usually infallible, cracks visually hard to find. It remains entirely resolve the issue of '' heat through the glass. The windows in the practice glazing wood frames are usually not used because, as the frames go very heavy and the ground is incomparably cheap. Because of this, put a pair of frames, or frames with a pair glass. True, alas, frames and box obtained very heavy and when installed on a balcony railing, look after it like a bull in a china shop. Besides, from what would have been produced or balcony railing, as if you did not try to insulate its coefficient termoobmena had never overtake the coefficient of heat transfer capital outside of the wall.

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