LBS Stabilizer

The principle of modifying the soil lbs is an irreversible change in the physical and mechanical properties of the soil due to chemical exposure of an aqueous solution a modifier lbs for its introduction into the soil. Exposure occurs by ionic substitution of water films on the surface of clay and dust particles of soil modifier molecules. As a result, the clay soil particles become smaller. Therefore, the soil becomes more after compaction higher maximum density than untreated, the same number of passes of the rink. In addition, the modifier molecules lbs, which attach to the surface of the clay particles have a water-repellent effect, and soil particles lose their ability to attract to its surface water film.

Thus enhancing the soil becomes more stable and virtually waterproof, making it resistant to any climatic conditions and are able to accommodate the increased payload, even in conditions of prolonged, heavy rainfall. Especially effective is the use of modifier lbs for processing plastic and heaving of clay soils. After all, as a result of processing modifier lbs entire film water from the surface of clay particles move in the soil to a free state, and easily evaporates from it. A degree of swelling and swelling soils decreases sharply. Application experience shows that vysokoplastichnye clay soils, for which drying to optimum moisture content required for several days, resulting in treatment of dry and can be sealed in within 24 hours. The use of modifier lbs Due to the fact that very often the building is in a complex groundwater and geological conditions (when the terrain is dominated by waterlogged, heaving soils), away from existing transportation arteries, stone quarries and sand materials, such conditions lead to significant construction cost of transporting road construction materials, high labor costs and costs of machinery and mechanisms.

lbs application is the construction of roads makes it possible to use the existing construction site wetlands, soil heaving, and makes effective use of these primers with construction of roadbed (including the working layer), as well as frost, the structural layer of the base pavement. Bearing capacity of soil, modified lbs, is 180 MPa. Such soil is also is higher ( 50%) compared with the unmodified primer to dry state indicators sdvigoustoychivosti. Construction of roads to the joint use of materials M10 and 50 lbs In the case of two-stage construction or device technological paths roadbed of modified lbs ground-coated sand and gravel or sand, reinforced M10 +50, does not need capital immediately on the device surface and is suitable for operation. Thus constructed road is not required in the future any additional remediation zempolotna. In addition, the use of the modification and strengthening of soils in road construction gravel or sand and gravel can dramatically reduce the time spent and cost of materials for the construction of such roads with the simultaneous increase in the maintenance period of operation. Thus, the processing modifier lbs you can: dramatically reduce the humidity of clay soil for a very short period of time To increase the modulus of elasticity, strength characteristics and water-resistant clay soil sharply, at times reduce the swelling and frost heaving

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