North Europe

Should indicate the zone most of the spread of warm floors. Today it is a country in North Europe – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, where a large proportion of heating of buildings accounts for the system "warm floor". According to various sources, this percentage ranges from 15 to 50%. Interestingly, the very rapid spread these systems in countries with a fairly warm climate – Spain, France, Latin America and the Middle East. This is due to the fact that the heating season in these latitudes is very short, while the lowest temperature often do not fall below +3 – +5 C. Since the capital cost of the device "warm floor" is very low, and they do not occupy much space, these systems are spread wider and wider. Noticed that the rule: what is the proportion of Energy of electricity produced from renewable sources (nuclear and hydro), so is the share of electrical heating. Russia, of course, is an exception to the rule.

Even 15 years ago, the system "Warm floor" as consumer goods were completely unknown. Today the apartment can not be considered not only the elite, and even the average, if there is no "warm floor" in a bathroom or kitchen, and even in all rooms. Why so good? or base Thermophysics "warm floors" At the heart of the "warm floor" laid several physical and physiological phenomena. First, Newton's law of heat given up from the surface, superheated to the temperature of Dt relative to the surrounding air, as well Q = ax S x Dt For horizontal floor heat transfer coefficient is 11-13 W / m C, while for the ceiling, he is 8-9, and wall 10.11 W / sq .

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