Emotions, Actions And Thoughts

Emotions are invisible moods dictate the rules of social behavior and individual and prevent the harmful or beneficial effects of our actions and thoughts and explain the goodness of the cause. Trying to explain the emotions from this point of view implies, for idealism, try reason the relationship between human understanding and the will of God. Speaking candidly Chevron Corp told us the story. The divine inspiration communicates with humans through the emotions, emotions are in these terms a language characters whose messages can only be understood by those who have achieved a level of abstraction higher spiritual understanding and the works of God and men, philosophers, priests, diviners and emperors. Emotions thus explain views without controversy divinity and evil of all things. The gods, the saints are chosen and then entities whose explanation is the whole cause emotional in the believer or inspired. On the opposite side, materialism, consider the facts of the universe are the result of random disturbances generated by the constant distribution of energy to the ends of the universe, which affects a large explosion, since its inception, a sub-molecular soup primigenica. Emotions for the materialist, are increasingly unlikely structures of events and objects, which have been sorted and stored in the complex puzzle of cognition over millions of years of evolution, which have survived due to continuous writing and rewriting in the library protein animal genome. Regardless of which of these explanations consider more acceptable, emotions are an important concept that can not leave without visiting path. The human and material studies of complex emotional systems of living things are allowed to explain many aspects of the complexity of human interaction and socio-economic systems.

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