Albert Schweitzer

We are all so together, and however, all are dying of loneliness Albert Schweitzer although already physically disappeared Leo Buscaglia, yet its legacy of teachings, embodied in their classes and books, to read, and invite you to be considered by all those beings who somehow have managed to enhance that represents love, which involves, when it is known him handle, and gives opportunity to the emotions to express everything that it encloses. In this opportunity we we specify to consider some aspects of us lego Buscaglia about love and consider, that many of their endorsements are an invitation to start representing love and can be used in this short life granted to us. Says Buscaglia, that: If a human being is no longer wish to grow in love with another, the other can play different roles to retain it.You can become a villain and threaten him, or a generous person and offer gifts, you can manipulate it and make you feel guilty, can be clever and trick to make it, or you can change your own I to meet the needs of the other.But regardless the love of the other makes, will be gone, and you, will only receive in exchange for all his energy, an empty body, without love. Points out the importance of considering, let us remember, that from childhood we are taught to expect a reward for any effort made love not so single love is when you give without expecting anything in return.You could not insist that someone to whom your ames, love you at the same time. It emphasizes noted, that love is not a thing.

It is not an article that can be a barter. It can buy or sell, or can not force someone to love. Love can only be given voluntarily. His love is the love cannot be captured or moored; It glides through the chains, perosi want to take another course, simply goes and all prisons, guards, chains or obstacles in the world will never be strong enough to hold it very interesting when you highlight, love is always open arms, and in the same way one allows love, reach or go when I wanted it, freely, because ultimately that is what will do.If you close your arms about love, you will find that you stay hugging you yourself there are no types of love…

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