Economic Mutual Aid

In this economy the capital generation was vetoed and the money acquired a value of change or as accounting but it did not serve to acquire properties, earth or factories. For liberal its regime it destroyed the liberties and the possibility that Cuba becomes a magneto for foreign investments. I castrate retruca that with its igualitarismo eliminated unemployment and it was guaranteed to all the population gratuitous health and education and of high quality. The critics of Fidel affirm that he created a new oligarchy and the Forbes magazine accuses to him of to have a fortune of $US 900 million, something that he defies that they try on it. How Fidel avoided an anti-communist rise type 1989-91 Although to I castrate accuses to him to have eliminated to some of his collaborators who looked for to undermine to him (like Ochoa), the certain thing is that Cuba got rid of massive purges and slaughters Stalin type or of a cultural revolution. Also, Cuba has not had any revolution that looked for to democratise or to improve to socialism (type Hungary 1956, the Prague 1968, Poland 1980 or Peking 1989) and less still a pro-western rise popular like that they shook to Eastern Europe in 1989-91 and which still they continue knocking down governments pro-Russians like in the Ukraine and Georgia. Of all the countries that only trained the Council of Economic Mutual Aid (Comecon or COMECON) Cuba and Vietnam got rid to see in 1991 like colapsaba the dominant Communist Party. In the USSR, Bulgaria, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) a series of popular protests went undermining to the regime of unique party. Great part of the marches was led by sectors that were the pro-USA and in noventas all those S-states were disarticulating the economy estatizada and planned taking step to privatizations and to the free company, as well as proclaiming new multiin favor democracies.

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