G20 in London

The meeting of the G-20 in London in March produced a series of positive surprises: promises of more banking regulation, shouts against protectionism, imposition of sanctions to the fiscal paradises, etc. Plus one of the measures most interesting, so to speak, He himself was the resurrection of the FMI. that walked half abated, discredited, without having very what to make during the worse crisis of last the 50 years, now it tries to come back the scene as protagonist. After the meeting of the G-20, group that congregates the biggest economies of the world, in London last week, the director-controlling Dominique Strauss-Khan commemorated: ' ' The FMI is in return. ' ' They do not remain doubts of that it is certain.

The crisis recolocou the deep one in the center of hard the international scene after a period of critical, cut of expenses and even of objections to its existence. The world-wide leaders had promised to triple the box of the FMI for US$ 750 billion and had authorizeed more US$ 250 billion in Special Saque Right (DES), a species of currency of institution. It was the main decision of the meeting of the G-20 and the only subject on which it was possible to arrive at a consensus. The emergent countries, as China and Brazil, if had compromised to place money in the deep one (even so not yet they have specified values), exactly before being taken care of its lawsuit of greater to be able and participation in the institution. For these nations, it is very important to reestablish the flows of capital in the world, and these institucional changes take time. The stated period of January of 2011 for the conclusion of the reform of the quotas of the FMI was established. The emergent ones complain, with reason, of that sub-they are represented. China, for example, possesss the same slice of the teeny Blgica.Sobre the paper of the emergent one in the capitalizaton of the Deep one, valley an addend on the commentaries of Squid: – ' ' It would like to enter for history as the president who loaned some Reals to the Fundo' '.

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